Our Story


The mission at Allied Safety Associates is “Safety, and Success!” ASA is tenaciously dedicated to “minimizing suffering and harm, and optimizing performance and profit.”

Tom Harvey, Certified Safety Professional, founded Allied Safety Associates (ASA) in 2000, after having a “real job” for 20 years learning and leading safety improvements at Fortune 100 companies. Since that time, ASA has remained viable, and been privileged to serve more than 100,000 individuals belonging to hundreds of organizations. Others may be new to the safety, and human and organizational performance field—ASA is not!

Tom Harvey

Tom is a dynamic and engaging speaker, a confirmed trouble-shooter, and a problem solver. He inspires people to grow and lead and build safer lives for their families and others.


Here is a sampling of ASA projects:

  • Human and Organizational Performance (ASA HOP) development, implementation, and training across a broad spectrum of organizations—over 30,000 trained in the past 5 years.
  • Safety Leadership and Systems Performance improvement process development and training for major utility, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, and manufacturing companies for over 1500 formal, and informal, leaders.
  • NFPA 70E program development, training and full implementation for nuclear fuels, construction, and manufacturing facilities.
  • Injury and Event Root Cause Analyses for scores of incidents, from complex fatalities to high-potential near-misses, which identified and improved upon systemic failures and human and organizational performance.
  • Training more than 1,650 employees at all plant levels on Safety Excellence, and facilitating implementation at four major chemical company facilities.
  • Facilitating the preparation of tape manufacturers for industry-wide certification to HSE regulatory and best-practice standards.
  • Developed and is featured in four best-selling safety videos on safety leadership, accident investigation, safety feedback, and safety decision making that aligns with human nature.
  • Expert witness in legal proceedings.