Training and Sustaining ASA HOP—World Class

Of the more than 100k we have served, ASA has successfully trained more than 30,000 individuals in our Human and Organizational Performance Process (HOP). Contrary to most training that is boring, ASA uses contemporary adult-training techniques that are, cutting-edge, dynamic, and result in better performance. People love our training—they want it, and they want HOP. We have thousands of testimonials and references that attest to our training proficiency—it is second to none!

Of course, it takes more than just training to inculcate human performance and safety into an organizational culture—high-reliability organizations know this. Our client-partnerships develop strategies that will focus on growth and sustainability, and we provide the requisite oversight and professional guidance essential to achieving the success we’re all seeking.

Sustainability is not maintaining, but maturing and growing. ASA training lays a strong foundation from which to build. Thus, we develop and implement a Sustainability Plan that engages all levels of the organization. As with all things safety and ASA HOP, we will not use a one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter approach. Rather, we will collaborate to devise what works best for you, optimizing and leveraging existing success, improving upon organizational weakness, and identifying and eliminating failure. This will be a living plan, reviewed and modified as the program and organization evolves and matures.

The plan will also include refresher training to reinforce safety and ASA HOP principles, and to communicate learnings from operating experience and new program features. We will assist in developing key performance indicators and metrics to reflect the health of safety in your organization. These metrics should drive the organization to make key decisions on areas for improvement and enhancements based on trends.

We identify business functions most in need of ASA HOP such as:

  • Field Engagements and Observations
  • Job Briefings
  • Design, Engineering, and Planning
  • New Employee Orientation and Job Skills Training
  • Becoming a “Learning Organization”
  • Accountability Systems
  • Recognition Program (reward desired safety and ASA HOP behaviors)
  • Operating Procedures