One Size DOES NOT Fit All

Our most successful projects include the use of Job Plan Analysis (one of our ASA HOP Tools) for “upfront” strategic planning preceding the initial training or implementation of HU concepts. We call this our Discovery and Development Phase.

Building on our training success, and selecting from the 8 Pillars and 44 Elements, we take care to not impose or force-fit a generic or “canned” program into existing cultures. Rather, we work together to customize your strategies by identifying and addressing your unique and specific challenges. Further, we will build upon current successes and leverage those gains into even more success. ASA HOP is not a wholesale replacement, but rather an enhancement. This development phase is streamlined and efficient—getting straight to what is most important in your organization.

Employees greatly appreciate and embrace this custom-tailored approach when they see their logo, case studies, terminology, pictures, and issues they are facing. Without fail, paying this up-front price delivers great dividends.