Our Master Strategy will transform your organization

Every method and strategy taught by ASA and learned by our client partners is contained in our Human and Organizational Performance Process (ASA HOP). This master strategy is the nexus of ASA. ASA HOP is a comprehensive and holistic safety excellence system consisting of 8 Pillars and 44 Elements.

Understanding of these 8 Pillars and 44 Elements is requisite to improve in safety. Mastery of these 52 systems will guarantee safety and performance excellence. A broad array of knowledge and skills is covered by the 52 systems, including:

  • error traps that increase risk,
  • organizational system weaknesses that increase the risk of human error and adverse events,
  • well-defined error prevention tools that control risks,
  • principles and methods that identify and close organizational gaps, and
  • safe lifestyles away from work that power workplace safety.

The 8 Pillars of ASA HOP are:

  1. Risk Assessment and Control
  2. Design/Engineering/Planning
  3. Work Practices
  4. Training and Learning
  5. Effective Communication
  6. Assertive Accountability
  7. Family-Driven Safety Values
  8. Safety Leadership & Management

More details of ASA HOP, the 8 Pillars and 44 Elements