Design / Engineering / Planning

Begin with the end in mind, by asking “what does success on this project look like? Slow down to speed up! Pay the upfront price or suffer from a weak plan later. All stakeholders are involved and agree on reasonable time frames.

  1. Job Plan Analysis is the adaptive and iterative, big picture development tool for designing, engineering, planning, and scheduling projects and work flow. Failing to plan is planning to fail.
  2. New Project Design – from conception to commission, HOP Tools are used as defenses against poor work breakdown structure, scope creep, mismanagement of change, and uncontrolled project risks.
  3. Work Flow and Design – clear performance standards are assured by metrics and observations, work flow is efficient, work practices use HOP Tools, the workplace is clean and orderly.
  4. Management of Change (MOC) – risks from hardware, software, material, procedural, organizational, systems, and scope changes are identified and controlled.
  5. Contractor Engagement – third-party partners are valued and in open communication with the owner and all stakeholders on project activities that impact their ability to successfully fulfill contractual agreements.