Assertive Accountability

Accountability systems are rigorous to ensure expectations are clear, authority is appropriate, and consequences reinforce objectives. Auditing activities proactively assess how employees are influenced by organizational behavior.

  1. 12 Steps of AA

    1. Understanding What is accountability?
    2. Process How does it work here; are standards set?
    3. Communications Understanding; acceptable and unacceptable risks
    4. Responsibilities and Duties What am I expected to do; never condone
    5. Acceptance Do I agree with expectations and risk tolerance?
    6. Authority Do I have the power to control my destiny; start with self; STOP WORK? Coaching – “Own It”
    7. Consequences What happens if I do, or if I don’t? enforcement
    8. Performance Reviews When, who, how, why?
    9. Candor Nothing but whole truth ALWAYS; self-reporting
    10. Culpability How is fault determined; blame vs true cause
    11. Just and Fair Consistent; mistake or violation; organizational weakness
    12. Assessment Does this accountability process improve performance?
  2. Reward Recognition Reinforcement Incentives (RRRI)
    Focus is on:

    • preventative activity;
    • safe behavior;
    • means, not end—how results were achieved;
    • exceeding expectations;
    • performance improvements;
    • self-reporting;
    • hunting, finding, and destroying Normalized Drift;
    • Injury rates—NEVER!
  3. Employee (EE) Engagement – Executives are employees, too. Clearly defined plans and strategies establish active participation, value-added contributions, and open communications with all stakeholders. With accountability for all. Recognition that everyone is respected and important. Helping those that need the most help, first.
  4. Plus/Delta Contacts – Interaction methods that establish standards, expectations, accountability, and values. Collaborative oversight via in-person contacts or structured conference calls used for positive reinforcement, corrective learning, and mutual understanding.
  5. Performance Appraisals
    Plus/Delta philosophy guides assertive accountability strategy so that everyone knows where they stand at all times. Frequent conversations demonstrate a strong desire to improve as individuals, teams, and systems. Process is 360 degrees.