How We Help

At its core, Allied Safety Associates is a world-class training and performance-improvement consultancy. Training is conducted for two basic reasons: 1) to transfer information and skills, and 2) to improve performance. We exist to “Communicate, Educate, and Motivate,” and we have done that for more than 100,000 individuals across a broad spectra of businesses. Without communication, no one is listening. We help your message resonate with all stakeholders in ways that align with your HOP strategies.

Our passion is to enhance the lives of those we touch by helping them learn, which allows them to use that knowledge to improve their life performance both at home and at work. Our brand of human and organizational performance provides 24x7x365 benefits that helps employees and their families live and work in a much safer environment every day of their lives. We call it “Family-Driven Safety Values” and have confirmed time and again that this focus is an essential success attribute that improves everyone’s quality of life. We teach, and truly believe, “Live Safe.” And the beauty is, reliability, productivity, customer and stakeholder relations, and profitability gains will also be experienced.

We make it easy to tune in to WII-FM where everyone can see “what’s in it for me.” And what’s in it for them is that which matters most—their families. ASA has turned the tables on “workplace safety first, then take it home.” We are all about risk management, and when people realize that 95% of serious injuries and fatalities (SIF) happen away from work, new breakthroughs in safety—and performance—are made.