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About Us

ASA is a full-service Human Performance, Health, Safety, and Environmental consulting and training company. We can transfer many years of practical experience and success to you. We specialize in:

  • Optimize Human Performance;
  • Practical regulatory compliance;
  • Dynamic training that translates to better job performance;
  • Program management that drives results;
  • Minimizing risks and reducing uncontrolled exposure to hazards.

At ASA, we know how to create a positive environment where employees can contribute and teams succeed. We help you:

  • Develop peer and organizational pride;
  • Shape values, avoid unnecessary costs, and reduce loss;
  • Develop a positive corporate image for internal and external stakeholders;
  • Form a strong cultural foundation that will withstand the ebb and flow of business cycles and changing priorities;
  • Cultivate innovation into application.

“Tom Harvey, and his team of trainers are the most effective. They have trained thousands of Utilities Industry employees in Human Performance and continue to receive nothing but the highest praise. Allied Safety is definitely helping drive a positive cultural change.” Major Utility Company Director of Operations

“What sets Optimize Performance apart from all other approaches is that it not only improves safety, but reliability and productivity as well. Even more important is the impact on individuals on a personal level, on and off the job, and with their families. Utility Company Manager of Distribution and Transmission

“I’ve learned dozens of useful methods to promote and reinforce safety, involve employees, and accept personal responsibility for safety.” Production Manager – Manufacturing Plant

Many organizations develop admirable HSE goals without appreciating the difficulty in achieving those goals and the barriers that are likely to be faced. We help you achieve your goals by:

  • Avoiding the mistakes already made by others, and anticipating and avoiding inevitable obstacles;
  • Using continuous improvement models we have developed that leverage strengths, improves system weakness, and eliminates deficiencies;
  • Solving problems.

 “Although our safety performance is good, I have learned how I can lead improvement in investigations, safety meetings, contacts, and follow-up – the things that affect employees. They don’t care about the numbers.” 
First Line Supervisor – Polymer Plant

We facilitate, train, coordinate, broker, manage, measure, assess, survey, investigate, empower, enhance, leverage, and derive mutual benefit when executing projects. Working in collaboration with an organization, we can do many things that are extremely difficult to accomplish working on the inside. Focusing exclusively on the task at hand, we know how to get things done successfully and cost effectively. We satisfy our clients and succeed only when our clients succeed.

“This is the best session I’ve attended. I’m glad I stayed for the final day.” ASSE Professional Development Conference Attendee