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Allied Safety helps organizations implement the most effective safety and human performance training in practice today.

Optimize Performance, our flagship product, is a proven methodology to reduce human error and prevent losses. It will benefit your employees, their families, and your bottom line by improving organizational processes that set people up for success, not failure.

Our innovative and creative approach transforms traditional human performance training into powerful and practical field-friendly strategies that drive process gains and enrich people’s lives.

If you are interested in minimizing suffering and loss and maximizing potential and profit, please contact us to discuss:


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OP looks at the big picture

  • Human Performance Optimization

  • Error Management and Reduction

  • NFPA 70E – Training and Implementation – new 2018 human performance requirements

  • Safety Excellence Improvement Strategies

  • Safety Leadership and Champion Development

  • Risk Prioritization and Control

  • Root Cause Analysis – Pinpoint and Lean

  • 10 OP Error Prevention Tools for Dynamic Risk Assessment and Decision-Making

  • Assertive Accountability – Plus/Delta

  • Speak Up; Listen Up – constructive feedback

  • Normalization of Deviance – the leading root cause

  • Safety and Organizational Systems Self-Assessment Model

  • Executive and Field Engagement that drives accountability